Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why I Love People:)

I love people.
The more people I meet, the more I want to.
Our world is full of people. Different people. We read, we learn but we see just the darkness, it’s what shines through you know? I mean I’ll go to an orphanage and I’ll come back with a story about how it is really corrupt, how the clothes and toys you donate go to waste since they are just used on days when someone comes to see those children and the money goes to the pockets of the authorities but do we remember we go there once, just once, to meet those children but all we do is criticise? Does anyone realise that these children could just as easily have been on the streets, begging for money, at least now, they have some semblance of a home, of an education? Actually maybe we all know this, maybe we feel that though we are too busy living our lives, those who have decided to live it for someone else should do so without cheating,I mean how could they look into a child’s eyes and not give him/her enough money for decent food, decent education and a better future?I guess they do it the same way that, I can go once and promise to go again and never go back.We need to realise that we often contradict our own intentions. Knowing this i can still love people,even if they arent all perfect. Just sometimes we should see behind the worst, see to the minds of the people who steal. It’s a fascinating to try and see where they come from, their story. I’m sure they have one, I’m sure we all do. Whether it’s about an orphanage or a blog. So look behind the darkness a little, or look into it, but look. You may be surprised. I will not go so far as to say the world is beautiful but it’s definitely interesting.

There is so much I want to be, and do in this life, it is people i meet who inspire me. The ones that show me who I want to be. Who I can be. I can’t have every experience in this world. But if I speak to enough people maybe through them I can live a little more than I have, I can understand a little more than I already have and Maybe I can expect a little more than I already do form life, from myself. Just for that even the worst experiences I have with people are worth having.

Everybody has a weird preconceived notion of what is right and what is wrong and frankly that’s the one thing that gets to me. How can you decide what is right for me? Sometimes even I can’t decide what is right for me, but that’s life, trial and error, so live and let live. Be an observer without forcing your opinion on people, and you can learn so much more than you can ever imagine.

So like I said I love people, and the more people I meet the stronger the feeling gets simply because they are all so different and their opinions are so different. I know I am so different with everyone of them, at the risk of sounding a hypocrite, but honestly I think everyone’s personality just reacts differently to everybody else’s. The only way I can see of getting to know every aspect of myself is by getting to know new people.
So get out of your shell, let people know you a little more, so that they can tell you a little themselves, and open a new world for you.
By Radha Agarwal


Aakriti Anand said...

Hey Radha!

this is an amazing piece. and i can't find the words to describe its amazing-ness further =)

radha said...

thank you so much :)

Aashika Gupta said...

Radha this piece is great! You learn to accept people and learn from them everyday. Its amazing how you feel this and realize all this already!