Friday, February 25, 2011

A Feeling called Serendipity

          The dictionary describes serendipity as an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. What it does not do, however is describe the feeling behind it, the excitement when you’ve made a serendipitical[new word. I made] discovery and the joy it gives to you .How long after its over, you can look back to that golden moment where it seemed like time was standing still just for you, because that’s part of the magic of serendipity, it does not rush. The moment arrives gradually and takes its time leaving you to go to someone else who needs that bit of magic.
          Incidentally how the quill came into being in the blog name and symbol is also a story involving serendipity but I’ll dedicate an entire post to just that another time.
          The idea of doing a blog post about serendipity came to me the other day when I stumbled upon a blog called Green ink that had an interesting book-related quote on the upper right hand corner that got me thinking.[FYI :Book People=Awesome. Always].So then I read a couple of her posts getting completely mesmerized in them.. Then I stopped an started reading from the very first post and stalked the blog for a few days until I was done reading them all :D
          What captivated me was the easy writing style that was clear yet dreamy…the fact that it was so well written and there were so many things written about. I’ve found a blog doppelganger who gets why I love showers anytime of the day and loves hummus as much as I do among so many other things.

          You know how in books or movies, characters find the most amazing places out of the blue? For the die hard “How I met your mother” fans, how Marshall comes across the best burger in NYC shortly after moving to the city? I had a similarly themed experience one afternoon when I was touring Berlin. My friend Sharkanada and I were wandering through the streets, taking more photos than we’d ever want to look through later when we spotted it, the chocolate shop from heaven. Calling it just a shop however would be an understatement and an insult. Hundreds of varieties and forms of chocolates. Huge chocolate monuments-of the Titanic, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin bear, the Reichstag building sculpted out of the most mouthwatering chocolate[or schockolade as Germans call it] ever!
The first floor held another surprise-one in the form of a chocolate restaurant where we indulged in the best hot chocolate in Berlin and in large portions of chocolate desserts.
Though I returned there twice after that, those visits didn’t have the special feeling the first one did, when we found it inadvertently and spent a perfect afternoon.
          Moments of serendipity, I think are a lot like love, you don’t go looking for them, it is when you stop looking that you find them in the most unexpected places.
-By Nirmitee


Anonymous said...

excellent :) ;)

Aakriti Anand said...

just so you know, you make me want to stalk your blog. i kid you not. and yeah the word serendiptical is awesome!
the whole post really drags me back to the movie Serendipity, and you've captured why i loved the movie so much! <3

rivika said...

imagine i have ten thumbs. and all of them point upwards. I love this-
1) cos it involves serendipity
2) cos it involves (let me tell u my serendipitical experience invloved a jacket potato place... naughty angels cafe ;P)
3) i love .How long after its over, you can look back to that golden moment where it seemed like time was standing still just for you, because that’s part of the magic of serendipity, it does not rush."
HAHA. and how i love reading simple yet dreamy stuff too :P!

green ink said...

Thank you Nirmitee - I am truly honoured by your kind words :) So happy you enjoyed reading, and even more flattered that you went back through the archives and read the whole lot! Sorry I haven't updated very much lately, marathon training does that to you! More soon though! Lots of love xx

Anonymous said...

thanks so much...who are you anonymous?i want to know :)
i still havent seen all of the movie aakriti :O ill watch it after the boards :D
i love that you noticed that line rivika :):)
thanks for coming across and looking at my post philippa :) good luck with the marathon training

thanks everyone xoxo :)

An American Girl in the UK said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Good writing, here too! :)