Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Talk #1 - Nirmitee And Chahita

Nirmitee: I'm confused :-S
See everyone says stop looking for love,stop asking for love and then
love will find you
But the secret
* says that you have to ask for the things you really
want....which one of them is true?

[*The Secret is a book we're reading, by Rhonda Byrne, the central idea of which is that our thoughts attract things in our lives.]

Chahita: I have no answer to that...this whole idea of Love is so complicated
I guess you shouldn't exactly look for love but you should never give up on hope

Nirmitee: But what should you be thinking? So far I've only come up with-im not
looking but please let me find love :P

Chahita: You know what....

Nirmitee: Tell me?

Chahita: There are so many contradictory statements made by all these famous people
One person says live life like there's no tomorrow
While another one says plan for the future otherwise everything will
go haywire :P
You just have to choose a side, really

Nirmitee: So basically every advice u get is worthless coz there's some other
successful person who's done the opposite?you just have to choose
what's right for you...

Chahita: Yes exactly!
It all depends on you in the end
Every single thing happening in your life is because of you...

Nirmitee: It makes life all the more confusing....yet more fun because there's
no absolutely correct way

Chahita: So true...

Nirmitee: You can ham up as much stuff as u want to..

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Shehzad said...

haha:) true.. in the end its all on you.. you choose the way or make your own:)