Sunday, October 2, 2011

Between the lines

She was pure, unsullied, naïve.
He was worldly wise, the “bad boy”, the player.
She was persecuted- the one everyone picked on.
He was influential, he controlled the waters there.
She found him obnoxious.
Her thoughts never crossed his mind.
Mutual friends got their paths to cross once.
She found him good natured and friendly.
He found her funny.
The ice had broken.
He started talking to her electronically.
She responded.
He was amused.
She was intrigued.
They spoke all day once.
She spilled her guts out to him and let him in, inside her life and mind.
He seemed sympathetic and told her he’d take care of it.
She began looking forward to their virtual conversations.
One time they left the digital haven to meet up in the real world. A flurry of rumours encircled them and their equation was misconstrued.
She shrugged it off as idle talk and continued texting with the same fervor.
He stopped replying as much.
She expected response.
He’d somehow stopped giving it.
She stalked his facebook profile as girls do.
She was aware of his presence always when he was nearby.
He did not show any outward sign of change or discontent.
He did not acknowledge her- no looks, no words.
She is afraid of talking to him in public.
She imagines situations where they would be thrown together and imagines how their conversation would go.
He couldn’t really care less.
She always falls for boys of this breed.
He will never know what it is like to love a girl like her.
She knows she should just forget about it all.
He hardly thinks of her.
She does not want to fall for him.
He never will.
By Nirmitee Mehta