Monday, July 4, 2011

We Talk #3:The Moth and the Flame

Nirmitee: You're the moth and I'm the flame
Radha: oooh
Nirmitee: I love this line....I didn't understand the context when I first heard it
but now I like:)
Radha: lol you're an idiot
Nirmitee: usually songs talk about you being attracted to someone.But moths are attracted to flame and the other person is the moth and they're attracted to you so its different isn't it?
Radha: lol
you're still an idiot
Nirmitee: Because you're the moth attracted to me,the flame?
Radha:hmmm I think its the otherway round
I'm the flame
Nirmitee: nononononono I wanna be flame......
Radha: be carefull little moth you'll burn if you get too close
Nirmitee: I'm flame itself,I can't get burnt
Radha: hmm then maybe I should stay away.....been singed one too many times...and the warning comes too late
Nirmitee: no...lets both be flames
Radha: then we can play together
Nirmitee: and we can be orange and red and yellow and give off that special scented candle scent
Radha: and burn when we don't like someone and be envied by everyone
Nirmitee: and we illuminate the people we love with a beatiful radiance
Radha: with warmth and love so we might be the hearth saving protecting

By Radha and Nirmitee