Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Words Must be Free

 Sometimes there comes a time when you just want to write, really write, not think, not perfect it, just write something and show it off. That is how I feel just now, except I don't have words, I'm waiting for them, those words, I know they are there somewhere at the back of mind, somewhere in my heart. Those words will get out! I'll make sure they do, somehow this block has to go! Old words inspire new ones and they make me want to write so bad so the words need to come out. They'll grow slowly and be absolutely beautiful, they just need to be nurtured, they need to be given time and then they'll be perfect they'll be there. I want to spread my wings and I want to fly and these words help me fly. They help me become free.So I will write now. Often and every two days. So the words can be free.
Come lets make a new world, let passion carry us forward! Let them touch all our hearts and burn down to the soul. Let them express anything and everything, our thoughts, our nonsense, just us, because, these words make us eternal. 
- Radha Agarwal