Monday, April 1, 2013

Let Go

Let go,
Let go of the old loves that never happened,
Let go of the promises that the new love will never fulfill.
Let go of the witch’s curse and snarky words that you never got to say.
Let go of friendships that don’t feel the same even though you haven’t changed and neither have they.
Let go,
Let go of dreams that never came true,
Let go of beautiful places that you never got to see.
Let go of stories that you never got to say.
Let go of kindness that never got returned.
Let go,
Let go of words almost forgotten and falling flowers that will never come back.
Let go of stories only half-finished and an imagination that won’t fill in the gaps.
Let go of thoughts that never got formed.
Let go of frustrations that make you guilty and are not really there.
Let go,
Let go of children’s tales and tales you thought might be yours.
Let go of the person you used to be.
Let go of the person you thought you might be.
Let go of everything that isn't the future.
Let go,
Because they may come to pass yet again,
Because worry won’t bring you closer to it,
Because while you can still taste it on your tongue you can’t move on, just yet.
Because, letting go might be just what you need.
Just let it go.


AaeKay :) said...

Hi, this is my first time on your blog. I have to say that this is such a brilliant poem!!
It totally held my interest and there is so much truth in every word that you have penned down.

Hope to be here often! :)

Quill Dreams said...

Thank you so much :) you have no idea how much the encouragement means to me!