Saturday, March 17, 2012

Being a toughie

“I’m tough” she told him. “Why don’t you believe me?” and was answered by a horrid patronizing laugh which translated into-“A little girly midget like you? Tough? Dafuq are you saying?”

Whenever any of us hears the word tough, we automatically imagine somebody tall with a muscular build. Someone with a no nonsense look on their face and a steely glint in their eyes, ready to set anyone who dares to mess with them in their place. Someone with a deep voice, wearing ripped jeans or leather. Maybe a couple of tattoos and piercings added for good measure. Stereotypical, isn’t it? Don’t you think being tough isn’t all of that? It is a lot more than just being confined to that definition.
It is smiling, being chirpy and not showing any sign of distress despite having had a harrowing day where everything went wrong.
It is getting that steely edge in your voice and demeanor when you are firm in the fact that you won’t take nonsense from anyone or let them manipulate you.
It is taking time to be by yourself so you do not go crazy and lose control of your emotions, hurting people in the process
It is not letting bullies or baseless rumors get to you but sticking around with your head held up high, showing no sign of worry to the world. It is confronting every obstacle in your way head on and not shying away.
It is about conforming to only your ideals about what’s right and not doing something just because the people around you are.
It is about saying no, and saying it as many times as it takes until people finally get your point.
It is about going through with the responsibilities assigned to you without any intention of skiving off just because you can.
It is pouring your soul out into your art and then keeping it on display even when it might be invaded by negativity.
It is marching up to someone and saying, “Can we talk?” after a big fight because you don’t want awkwardness to remain there any longer.
It is being silly and not being afraid to show it.
It is about knowing in your mind that somebody is worth it, worth getting close to despite being warned against it.
It is being so fiercely loyal that you cannot stand to hear a word against your friends, even by other friends.
It is not letting your fears get ahead of you- Going into the kitchen even when you get a cut or burn whenever you do and making yourself like it; thrusting yourself forward in class discussions and projects because you’ve never been there and now you feel an obligation to do in order to evolve as a person and not paying heed to the teacher’s pet reputation you earn along with it.
And most importantly, it is never losing your essence, your soul.
Here’s to being a tough cookie.
By Nirmitee Mehta

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