Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a Girl Crush baby! ;)

Movie star
Or just another older person you’re acquainted with.
          Throughout our childhood,we girls[or atleast I did and presume for the rest] have phases where we half revere half idolize girls older than us who seem to have it all and are the person we think we want to be.Pretty-always pretty and cool as hell.
All of them coming under the completely platonic term girl crush.
          A few years ago,I’d watch this show called Remix on TV where this character named Tia absolutely epitomized the word floozy wearing itsy bitsy dresses and with her blond behavior. But somehow I liked all of those pretty dresses and dainty mannerisms that everyone else found exasperating. 
*girl crush alert*
           Once when I was 12 and my extended family came to visit, I took an instant liking to one of the girls who was probably 5-7 years older than me. She was thin, pretty and wore glasses like Blair Waldorf[my current girl crush :P] does headbands. That day while going back after lunch when everyone was deciding how best to fit the people in the car on the way back,she suggested that the 2 of us sit together in the front. I went and sat next to her nonchalantly but I was grinning on the inside. To a bookish, rather nerdy 12 year old it meant,"She knows I exist. That is so awesome.Maybe I’m a teensy bit cool on the inside :P". Yes it made me feel awesome. Yes it made my day :D
          I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve noticed that a girl who goes to my dance class has a girl crush on me
  • Over 5 years younger than me
  • Always smiles at me
  • Comes up to say hi to me at the beginning of every class
  • Chatters about stuff that’s “cool”
  • Says bye to me before leaving,sometimes even ignoring my friends

          My friends tease me incessantly about her having eyes just for me, but I encourage it anyway, perhaps because I remember times when id want my girl crushes to stop and note my existence.
And so the cycle goes on……

-Nirmitee Mehta

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Aakriti Anand said...

Cuteness personified, this =)