Saturday, January 22, 2011

For Cities ♥

I read a lot, it is a hobby and life lessons and love and everything in between but every time i think of writing there is this one article i think of, it was a feature article based on my city and the authors unexplainable love for it. It's something that absolutely fascinated me, because it suddenly felt that someone understood my unexplainable love for a city or place.
Like Kolkata, I remember the 1st time i went there, it was dirty, it stank of fish, it was so crowded and so humid but then Mr Banerjee, the tour guide started telling us about his city, the pride in his voice the way he looked at it like it was his whole world changed my perspective. The life of the city,its spirit it spoke to me and suddenly I was in love with a city that i knew nothing about. So maybe love was but life and spirit.
I saw a movie yesterday "No one killed Jessica", in the movie Rani the role of "Mira" describes her city and her inability to understand it. Its complexity, power and struggle, its majesty comes out in the movie and now i want to live in Delhi, just for awhile maybe, just so i can see it all for my self.
So life attracted life.

Here i am writing from Pune and i can feel the love of my own city in me, its life, its unpredictable moods, its weather changes and life. Its small town touch, its cafes and thelas, its shady roads and and narrow streets. Its dynamics.
So love found love.

By Radha Agarwal


Aakriti Anand said...

that was lovely!
btw, watch these videos in the link =) they arouse emotions very similar to yours when you talk of wanting to visit Delhi =)

radha said...

thank you:) I will!

Aashika Gupta said...


It's great to see you writing so much! penning your thoughts down will definitely help you gain clarity in life and your thoughts.